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MOUVEMENT RASIN ! VODOU ! CANDOMBE ! CANDOMBLE ! musique ! danse ! religion !

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Quelle est la différence entre Candombe et Candomblé ? Comment les distinguent-on entre la musique, la danse et la religion ? Par extension, peut-on en faire autant pour les autres rythmes de la Caraïbe et de l'Amérique du Sud issus des cultures kémèt et aborigène, comme par exemple, le Mouvement Rasin et le Vodou en Haiti ? 
Voici le début de la discussion : CANDOMBE ! CANDOMBLE ! musique ! danse ! religion !

Children, African roots traditional play, the summer of Gods | artpreneure

Candomblé au Brésil constitue un rite de communication entre les univers et provient principalement des cultes Yoruba en Afrique. C’est une tradition qui évolue avec son contexte et qui est aussi la base des très populaires rythmes Samba.

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CANDOMBE ! CANDOMBLÉ ! musique ! danse ! religion !

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Quelle est la différence entre Candombe et Candomblé ? Comment les distinguent-on entre la musique, la danse et la religion ? Par extension, peut-on en faire autant pour les autres rythmes de la Caraïbe et de l'Amérique du Sud issus des cultures kémèt et aborigène ?

3 tambours, candombe, mayanscandombe, art, clipart, artpreneure
J'explore ces questions suite à un intérêt grandissant qui prend source à une curiosité perplexe face à la délimitation de ces rythmes, danses et traditions du nouveau monde cadrés dans les limites géographiques actuelles des pays qui ont émergés au cours des derniers siècles.

Candombe, le rythme qui exprime aujourd'hui l'unité culturelle et sociale des gens de l’Uruguay et des peuples du Rio de la Plata, véhicule des traditions ancestrales qui ont voyagé au-delà des mers par les cales des bateaux qui emportaient les forces vitales de peuples du continent africain de toutes origines.

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Business Through Creativity: Own A Website That Works For You

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The benefit to own a website that works for you: 
Business Success Through Creativity That Snowballs

"Creativity is a habit, and the best creativity is the results of good habits"   
~ Twyla Tharp

My quest is to connect more, better and time efficiently. 

My message: How to nurture our childhood's vital energy and Be in every moment, rooted beyond time with rhythm and creativity.

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The definitive guide to good tasting  Healthy raw snack foods and treats

Fast Food Doesn't Have To Mean Junk Food.
If You're Eating On The Run, Or Fighting Off A Snack Attack,
You Have Alternatives.

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Main d'Anjali, Namasté, artpreneure
Mains d'Anjali (Namasté)

Namasté ! Dansez en santé véritable ! 
Entrepreneure & danse ethnologue, j'ai la passion de la créativité, des rencontres authentiques et du mieux-être individuel et collectif intégral. 

Je désire souligner dans cet article l'importance d'un mode de vie sain et de prendre davantage conscience de la valeur d'optimiser la santé globale aujourd'hui.

Je crois au  mieux-être intégral, physique, social, psychologique, spirituel et économique. Dans cet optique, j'ai fouillé le passé, le présent et regardé ce qui est à venir quant aux possibilités personnelles, professionnelles et entrepreneuriales. 

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I bow to the Divine in You
Namaste ! Dance in true health ! 
Entrepreneure & dance ethnologist, I am passionate about living in Health and Wealth with plenty of creativity & genuine encounters for individual and collective well-being. 

In this article, I want to emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and bring more consciousness to the benefits of optimized global health today. 

I believe in complete health, physical, social, psychologic, spiritual and economic. Towards that goal, I've been searching the past, present and what's to come through personal, professional and entrepreneurial possibilities. 

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Hope Boykin, Alvin Ailey American Dance TheatreDancing solo can be exhilarating. It can be rich and full of expression. Or it can be missing something. 

If you are an inspired entrepreneur, there is a dance to successfully bringing your very important work to the world. 

It is a dance of two, the ‘pas de deux' of devoted calling, and of business.

 "Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread."  
   ~  Richard Wright

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Danseuse de Lelong
L'Indonésie est un archipel qui ne compte pas moins de 17 000 îles. Parmi ces nombreuses îles on peut citer Bali, Java et Lombok qui sont des îles voisines. 

L'île de Bali s'étend sur une superficie de 5 637 Km² et compte environs 3 Millions d'habitants. 

Avec le temps de plus en plus de personnes souhaitent passer un séjour à Bali. La capitale de l'île est Denpasar. Le paysage de Bali est resté pratiquement vierge. La nature occupe une grande place dans la vie des balinais, qui la respectent. 

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The Hula dance is associated with Hawaii and luaus and while everyone knows what the hula is very few people are actually knowledgeable of its origin. 

According to Hawaiian history there is no information available as to who performed the first hula dance or why, however it is a common agreement that the original hula dance was performed by a god or goddess, making the dance sacred to Hawaiians. And this dance is sacred to men and women in Hawaii because the hula was danced by both sexes despite some information stating only men danced the hula. This information is incorrect and actually men and women both were involved in the sacred hula dance.

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The Beta troupe performing 
an original contemporary dance 
based on the culture of Ethiopian Jewhy

Ethiopia has a very rich and diverse music history. The various tribes and ethnic groups of Ethiopia have their own distinct music culture and tradition.

The Tigrayans to the north have this smooth, circular dance routine culminated with shoulder and neck movement. The Amharas at the center have dance style dominated by upper body and neck movement.

“Move your neck according to the music.” ~ Ethiopian Proverb  

The Oromos to the center and south have this jumping style and full body dance routine. The Gurages have an acrobatic dance that requires high level of arm, leg and body coordination.

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African sculpture King of DrumAfrican dancing has both historic and social traditions that reflect more significance than those of many other cultures. The dances help celebrate not only special events and festivals, similar to other cultures, but regularly tell the stories of the state's history. Unwritten oral history, passed through generation before writing became part of the culture, frequently included African dance as a part of the process.

Lots of the dances taught the young about social morays and values, others were simply for the excitement of celebration. Some of the dances were tributes of thanks to the gods for helping the clan achieve success on a hunt or crop.

Many clans trained singers to provide the music for the African dance. They produced intricate harmonies and set the rhythmic pace for the dance. While most of the music came from vocals, frequently drums went with the singers to provide heavy rhythms for the dancers. The bougaragou, on of the drums used, is obviously the hottest, although there are lots of others.

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Global Water Dances Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA : Santa Fe Riverbed and arroyos
Santa fe, New Mexico, USA. 
Dances for the Sante Fe Riverbed and arroyos. 
Santa Fe River is one of the most endangered river in the USA.  
 As leaders in the indigenous contemporary dance movement
the intertribal performance group of DANCING EARTH 
deepens understanding of cultural relevance by 
exploring ecological themes that resonate with all being.
More than 500 professional choreographers and dancers around the world hope to create awareness of the local and global water issues, and to inspire their communities to work together to find solutions. 

“We want clean water for everyone,” says Global Water Dances organizer Marylee Hardenbergh. “Global Water Dances will raise the awareness of participants and observers about the importance of water, and provide a model for empowering local communities to take action. The event will bring local environmental experts and organizations, artists and members of the community together in a process that can build ongoing collaborations.”

A devastating crisis
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), unsafe water causes 4.4 billion cases of diarrhea every year, resulting in 1.5 million deaths, mostly of children under five. A child dies somewhere in the world every 20 seconds from waterborne diarrhea. Overall, WHO figures show that unsafe water kills more people every year than all forms of violence, including war.

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Native American dance sticks allow the user to become more involved in the ceremony. The dance stick helps the dancer to focus their thoughts and energy to help make the dance a success. Dance is a way the Indians use to communicate a myriad of things. Some dances are for healing, while others may be strictly for celebration. Dance sticks add a visual as well as a spiritual meaning to any ceremony, and are treasured tribal items.

Nearly every Native American tribe made dance sticks. Not only were the sticks made and decorated for each tribe, but dance sticks were made for specific purposes. Dance sticks are generally made of a length of wood with a section of antler on one or both ends.

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Aikido, Aikido pour enfants, art martial, arts martiaux, artpreneure
L'Aïkido peut être pratiqué par tous et à tout âge
Les arts martiaux sont l'une des contributions de l'Asie pour le monde. Qui peut oublier Bruce Lee et le fait qu'il était d'abord et avant tout un expert d'arts martiaux avant d'être une star de cinéma ? Même jusqu'à présent les arts martiaux sont toujours un grand succès avec la popularité croissante de films d'arts martiaux asiatiques.

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Mad Hot Ballroom - Artpreneure Boutique
Preteen’s delightfuly enjoying Ballroom dancing

Jeune fille jouant football - freebievectors
Soccer clipart
You might have noticed that your child never runs out of energy and have wished you could bottle that energy up and save some for yourself. 

Kids are full of energy and they love any physical activity, so why not find an athletic activity they will enjoy?

1. Soccer
Soccer is the number one team sport for kids of all ages. Your child can start young with a beginner's team and learn the basics of the sport. 

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At age 78, Em Theay designated Master of Performing Arts
by the Ministry of Culture, continues to train young Cambodians 
in the art of Khmer Royal Dance 

The Khmer empire which is better known today as Cambodia was one of the biggest and long lasting Empires of South East Asia. However in recent centuries, this famous empire has been limited to a small territory following the rule of Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. 

This empire has gifted many valuable cultural and political aspects to the world.

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Mapouka is also known as Macouka. It is a traditional dance from south east of Ivory Coast in Dabon. From its inception, Mapouka was usually being carried out when some religious ceremonies were being conducted and grandly organized.

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Pour moi, qui n’ai pas grandi en Afrique, la danse africaine c’était une manière de me rapprocher de mes racines, de me les réapproprier dans le corps. 

Les parents arrivent en Europe, nous traînant après eux, avec quelques idées très strictes, auxquelles ils s’agrippent. Par exemple, les miens sont arrivés avec une idée de ce que doit être une femme africaine, qu’ils se sont mis à m’inculquer à coups d’obligations et de devoirs. 

Et à cela, n’étaient associés ni le plaisir, ni le ressenti, ni l’émotionnel… C’est un manque qui, peu à peu, m’a envahi, habité. L’envie de vivre mon africanité, positivement, concrètement, de ne pas seulement l’intellectualiser...