Sunday, September 08, 2013

Dance In True Health

I bow to the Divine in You
Namaste ! Dance in true health ! 
Entrepreneure & dance ethnologist, I am passionate about living in Health and Wealth with plenty of creativity & genuine encounters for individual and collective well-being. 

In this article, I want to emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and bring more consciousness to the benefits of optimized nutritional health today. 

To optimize complete physical, social, psychologic, spiritual and financial health, I studied the past, present and projected the future for personal, professional and entrepreneurial possibilities. 

Health Life Source

"The spine is the tree of life, respect it"  ~ Martha Graham

Health being a major life source, I searched for the best to sustainably feed body, mind, soul, spirit and wallet, and expand to immediate communities and larger scale. 

Artpreneure is a stunning evidence that I put down on paper 20 years ago. 

Artpreneure is in association with Usana Health Sciences to increase knowledge about and consciousness of today's health issues. 

My personal life events and credible testimonies are firmed ground of trust in the optimized nutritional health benefits of Usana Health Sciences' natural products.

Nutritional Health Supplement Benefits

Important facts with many elements of concerns entice me favorably towards first quality nutritional health supplement benefits and to learn more about cellular nutrition.

I acknowledge that the food we consume have less and less nutritive values as they are processed and made to mature faster and the soils no longer supply nutriments as they used to. 

Environmental factors such as pollution, stress, toxic products and overmedication have negative effects on our health, our body cells and their performance process. 

Degenerative diseases such as alzheimer, cancers, parkinson, diabetes are spreading alarmingly, while our health systems are much more focused on cures than prevention.

USANA products bring nutrients to our body at a cellular level to help prevent degenerative diseases and optimize our global health (Usana is from Greek and Latin and means true health)

USANA products take off the headache of the puzzling number of natural and pharmaceutical nutritional health supplements and vitamins available on the market, that do not meet adequately our needs and can be causes for more health problems. 

Also, more than 600 elite athletes officially trust USANA with their health as I do as a dancer. 

Health And Fitness Information

What are your healthy choices?

Personally, I am in favor of good eating habit and staying physically fit. I have been practicing dance for over 30 years and sharing my knowledge for 15 years. 

Usana Health Sciences, founded by Dr. Myron Wentz, is for me the discovery of a non-toxic Eldorado of first quality products that meet universal nutritional needs along with providing relevant health and fitness information.

I invite you to explore further here. You may also want to look at the business opportunityI propose that you take the True Health Assessment as a starting point. 
The True Health Assessment is a 20 minutes health and fitness information tool that includes a detail personal report with truthful insights and concrete means to start individual actions for cellular nutrition and good health.
You may start anytime, the recommanded individual actions for optimized good health and cellular nutrition... 

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